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DoTerra essential oils came into my life a few years ago and have become a brilliant and exciting part of my self care and wellness lifestyle. They have become my new medicine cabinet, and have brought new vibrancy to my life in many ways. From balancing my hormones and reducing my monthly migraines, to soothing my seasonal allergies, to making natural and delicious perfumes! Oh, there are so many ways to incorporate them into our lives, that I would be thrilled to share with you! I am proud to stand as a wellness advocate, in life, and with doTerra as a company. If you're interested in getting some oils into your home, click below. 



Treefort Lifestyles is a brand that I believe in. Kevin Perron, the owner, is a friend, and fellow entrepreneur whose kind heart is overflowing into the world through his intent, influence, and products. I literally never leave the house without my Forager bag or Traveler's Trunk on my waist. Minimalistic and durable, these bags are game changers! Hands free, is how I like to be. Support them as they support me!


I am thrilled to be partnered with such a badass retreat destination! The treehouse Village is like nothing you have ever experienced before. If you are looking for an epic getaway, or a retreat venue that is truly unparalleled, then check these guys out! They are friends of mine, and will help you create a custom retreat experience for your group from beginning to end! Tell them I sent you by using the code "Leila10" when booking your trip, or in your retreat inquiry! Click below to check them out!


I am beyond excited to be working with one of my favorite coffee roasters ever,  Sweetwater organic coffee! This company is based in my home town of Gainesville Florida, and has been giving back to the community in immeasurable ways! They stand with integrity, and roast some of the most decadent beans i've ever tasted. Please support them, as they support me. Click the button below to check out their goods  and use code "Leila" at checkout to get 10% off your orders!

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