Leila is inspiring the heart of change around the world through her writing, speaking, and passionate teaching.  As a leader in the modern day spiritual and wellness world, she has been teaching Yoga Asana for over a decade, and is deeply inspired by the path of Bhakti Yoga, energy medicine, transcendental psychology & breath work


She spent the last 7 years sharing her insights leading group retreats, and Yoga Teacher Trainings. Leila now specializes in lifestyle coaching, as she guides women back to their Feminine embodiment, Truth, and authentic personal power. 


Leila’s background in kinesiology, nutrition, rehabilitative movement, and energy medicine, gives her rare insight into the body and the health challenges faced by women navigating our current culture. 

Her deepest passion lies in unraveling and empowering the divine feminine force of the world, and awakening the individual hearts of her clients. 


She is an intuitive, self-proclaimed comedian, and light hearted enthusiast of sacred living. Leila, and her dog Folly are usually found in the sunshine, with a cup of coffee in hand.


Leilas greatest teachers are Caroline Myss, Meggan Watterson, Radhanath Swami, Raghunath Cappo, Kaustuba Das, Marianna Williamson, Michaela Boehm and Brene Brown.

A note to you...

I am deeply inspired by you and my students, believing we all have something potent and unique to offer the world. I am here here to help you remember who YOU really are, and why YOU came here.

With BIG love.

Leila Dylla