My name is Leila Dylla and I serve as a Guide for those coming home to themselves. 


I am a life coach, yoga teacher, meditation guider, energy healer, and breath worker.

I am a truth seeker, truth speaker, and truth seer.

I am an advocate for love and healer for those that are ready to rise. I am a spiritual mentor, an oracle, and a devotee of the Most High. 

I love traveling, speaking, laughing, cooking, writing, learning, sun shining, and hanging with my Folly dog. 

I am an ordinary woman who’s answered her call to see God in the details of life, and to help guide others back to their truth, power, and purpose. 


I am here in service to love and truth,

And I am here in service to you. 

A note to you...

I am deeply inspired by you and my students, believing we all have something potent and unique to offer the world. I am here here to help you remember who YOU really are, and why YOU came here.

With BIG love.

Leila Dylla