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Leila is a modern-day mystic that lives life passionately devoted to healing, wholeness, and honoring the sacred thread that ties us all together.


Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 after her first Yoga teacher training and has continued to be filled with personal development training, world travel, and deep esoteric studies. Leila has a degree in physiology and kinesiology, she is an 800 hr Experienced registered yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator and trainer, reiki practitioner, trauma-informed life coach, writer, spiritual teacher, and self-taught gourmet chef. She lives an unconventional lifestyle of freedom, beauty, and BOLD self-expression. She strives to inspire brilliance and divine reconnection in all that she meets and is devoted to weaving her Soul's purpose into each moment.

Leila serves as a mentor for women, couples, and communities. She is the founder of The Heart Space Mission. The Heart Space is a sacred community of Heart Led women who live their lives devoted to spiritual evolution. She is a retreat leader, teacher trainer, and spiritual guide for many who are walking the path back to true power, freedom, the divine, and life of sacred service.

A note to you...

I believe that there is so much MORE for us here. May we rise into our fullness, and walk boldly as the stewards of a loving and beautiful world. 

Here in your corner, and in Love.

Leila Dylla

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