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Trauma informed Lifestyle Coach and Spiritual Guide for Women



My name is Leila Dylla and I serve as a Guide for those coming home to themselves. 


I am a life coach, yoga teacher, meditation guider, energy healer, and breath worker.

I am a truth seeker, truth speaker, and truth seer.

I am an advocate for love and healer for those that are ready to rise. I am a spiritual mentor, an oracle, and a devotee of the Most High. 


" WHEN WE RECONNECT to our source, our purpose comes to life."


Leila is on a mission to create a sisterhood of empowered women, who lead their lives with their wildly open hearts.

In 'The Heart Space' Community, you will become a part of a powerful sisterhood of women exploring human nature, spirituality, sacred femininity, and re-discovering what it means to live a deeply rooted, and EMBODIED life.


“I had the honor of taking a retreat with this beautiful, magical, and wise soul back in September. I later hired her as a coach and my life has changed on so many deep levels. Her honesty, compassion, wisdom, and humor lead me back to myself, seated fully present in my life to claim my inner power so that I can more fully live my purpose."

— Liati


“Leila has been an incredible guide for me the last 6 months and honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She has so much wisdom to share and such an honest, funny way of speaking... do your soul a favor.

— Alex


“She is so energetic, her vibe is  just incredible, she is completely authentic and genuine. And, I learned so much. She has a way of teaching that just penetrates you deeply and it's the best experience. Thankyou so much Leila, I love you!"

— Mindy

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