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- Dominical, Costa Rica -

December 27, 2021  - January 3, 2022


What will you do

with your new beginning? 


Did the pandemic stir something within you? 

Did it spark an old fear or rekindle a deep desire? 

Did it reinforce a fragility or remind you to make the most of the gift that is your one wild life?


If you're ready to begin again, what do you plan to do with it?


Don’t you dare waste one ounce of this divine intervention!


What if the entire world stood still for more than 12 months so that YOU could finally realize how much is in store for you?


Now imagine how you’re going to usher in this new year...

Deep down, you know you crave more and deserve better than that.

So let’s try this again... 

Imagine stressing last minute over what to wear on New Year’s Eve, where to go, and who to spend your night with... 


Imagine paying $222 to be crammed together with a bunch of drunken strangers in a small bar that on any other night wouldn’t dare try to charge a cover — is this REALLY where you want to be after a year of social isolation?


Do you want to be hoarse from yelling small talk over each other, repetitively checking your phone, and anxiously trying to navigate the stumbling drunk masses?


Can you smell the overpriced champagne and cologne-tinged sweat?  Can you feel the fake smiles and thrum of shitty dance music? 


But then, thank goodness, the ball drops... just like it has all those years before...and then some spit is swapped and awkward hugs ensue.



Then the whole facade crashes down as the lights come up and the race to grab an Uber begins.


Imagine greeting the new year with a vicious hangover and regret.  Imagine not wanting to get out of bed and being scared of what’s next for you in 2022. Which is more terrifying, that scenario or knowing you might repeat it in another 12 months?


How depressing.


Why even put yourself through the charade of pretending this feels anything close to fun, fulfilling, or inspiring for you? 


Deep down, you know it’s not the life you want. Those days can be done for you, if you choose.

Now imagine taking a deep, relaxing breath and spending six days and seven nights in luxury accommodation next to a beach in Costa Rica with three world-class coaches and twenty other truth-seekers. People just like you. 

People who get you. People who are on the same path of growth, expansion, and adventure. People who feel your same longing for depth and real connection.


Imagine hiking to a waterfall and zip lining through a stunning tropical rainforest.


Imagine swimming in tropical seas and watching the sunset from the beach.


Imagine laughing and having deep and meaningful conversations all day with new friends.

Imagine organic food prepared by a chef and eaten at your leisure, soul-filling workshops for you by day, and intimate poolside gatherings for you by night. 


Imagine true connection and peaceful introspection.


Imagine rest and rejuvenation with a dash of sea air in your hair.


Imagine being guided through a deep reflection of your past year, developing a holistic plan for the one to come, and imagine creating the exact vision you want to live for the next twelve months, one that honors all you’ve traversed in the past two years and all you’re now ready to share with the world in 2022.


Imagine a curated experience designed to broaden your horizons, calm your soul, and crack your heart wide open. 


Imagine a New Year’s Eve gathering that honors who you are and how you plan to show up for yourself in the months and years ahead. 


Imagine flying home with a calm knowing in your soul that 2022 will be your best year yet, and imagine trusting yourself enough to make it happen.  Imagine making new friends that love you and have your back.

Imagine all of that and much, much more...


Now think about that crowded bar in your hometown, the one with the excessive cover charge and obnoxious music… and Chad from Phi Delta Kappa licking his lips and giving you that creepy stare all night.


The choice is yours: What do you believe you deserve?  Which possibility do you want to turn into reality?


Enough excuses and enough of the same old thing.  Aren’t you tired of settling? 


Let’s have an adventure together. 



December 27th through January 3rd, at an incredible retreat space in Dominical, Costa Rica, for a week of relaxation, transformation, and reverence — for you, your new tribe, and the life you’re committed to living in 2022. 


The truth is, especially after the past two years, you deserve this. It's time to discover, create, and reclaim a new you.

With a little push, 

Leila Dylla, Jeremy Goldberg, and Traver Boehm

  • 7 day, 6 night stay at Danyasa Eco Retreat

  • 3 private chef-prepared vegetarian meals per day

  • Transportation to and from the SJO airport

  • Daily meditation

  • Daily yoga & embodiment classes to calm the mind, open the body, and awaken the Heart.

  • Daily in-depth workshops with world-renowned teachers, Traver Boehm, Dr. Jeremy Goldberg and Leila Dylla.

  • Prema breathwork sessions to heal and reconnect to Spirit.

  • Incredible adventures in the lush Costa Rican jungle, which includes bathing under one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Costa Rica and Zip lining through the treetops. 

  • Magical New Year's Eve live band and celebration 

  • Unlimited beach and poolside time.

  • And, of course, unlimited delicious Costa Rican coffee. 

Included in your retreat price:

  • Flights to and from SJO

  • Body Work: massages, acupuncture, etc. 

  • Additional excursions/ adventures


NOT Included in your retreat price:






  • PRIVATE ROOM - (Queen / King Bed) - 6 available​

    • Single Occupancy Price: $3997   

    • A $500, NON-REFUNDABLE, Deposit is required to secure your spot. 

  • DORM STYLE, SHARED RoomS - (Twin Beds)- 18 available

    • Price: $3397

    • A $500, NON-REFUNDABLE, deposit is required to secure your spot. 


All participants will be required to follow the entry and exit health screenings required for Costa Rica and their country of departure. To ensure the safety of all, we encourage all participants to wear masks while traveling to and from Costa Rica. All attendees will be required to sign a full waiver before attending and all precautions will be taken throughout the retreat.

Of course, your safety is our top priority and this is an ongoing process. So, we will continue to monitor all COVID related updates in the months to come and will adjust our requirements as new information is made available. 


Click the button below to register and Leila will be in touch soon to finalize your registration.

IF YOU are interested but, still HAVE more QUESTIONS, let's chat. 

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