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with Leila Dylla

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Something happens inside of us when we make the conscious choice to live BIGGER and differently. The universe notices our presence here and begins corresponding in our favor. 


I believe that each of us has a powerful role to play within the whole of humanity, and I'm inspired to walk with those who are ready to rise into their true power.

Within the one-on-one mentorship container, we do life together. We weave our magic together, to create a network of support, inspiration, passion, and continuous expansion into the life you really want to live and LEAD. 

Together, we honor the aspects of yourself that need a home, and we work together to create the nurturing structures your dream life requires. 

We connect, awaken, ignite, and align with your soul's deep truth.

These containers are designed for  ANYONE who desires personal freedom,  BOLD and authentic expression, an abundance of joy and resources, and who is truly ready to rewrite the story of their life. 


I  LOVE walking alongside those who want to make a massive  impact on the world and leave it far better than they found it.

TOGETHER, We will...

Curate the devotional lifestyle that supports your wildest dreams emerging from within you and all around. 

Establish a trusting relationship between you and your body,

You are your heart, 

You and others,

You and the cosmos, 

And in that, we watch miraculous HEALING soak the soil of your life. 


Working together in this capacity gifts you the tools, resources, insights, TRUST, and channel to pivot your life to one of meaning, purpose, and blissful pleasure.  


If you're ready, I am here for you.


You will live wildly, fully, and purposefully. You will be a leader of love, of grace, and of the new paradigm. 


  • Somatic healing

  • Pleasure body awakening

  • Masculine and Feminine energetic Mastery

  • Soulful business creation

  • BOLD leadership 

  • Feminine Embodimnet and Authentic expression 

  • Devotional living and sacred ritual 

  • Conscious relationships & intimacy 

  • Commmunity building and business consultation 

  • Retreat creation and brand envisioning 

  • Trauma healing and soul retrivel 

  • Prema breathwork 

  • Communication artistry 

  • Creativity curation 

  • Divine Channel clearing and knowing your Souls voice

  • Intuitive refinement

  • The power of prayer



Depending on the length and depth of our container, we will move into connection via Voxer, where you have me in your pocket for consultation and support + a custom number of private phone calls per month.

ready to be lead back to love, back to your most profound wisdom, and back to their personal connection to GOD?


How long are you intested in working together?
Select your budget range.

Thankyou for submitting your application, you will receive your confirmation email shortly!


I can't fit into one paragraph or even one page the ways that Leila has helped me. She has served as my coach and mentor, my hype woman, my confidant, and my friend. She approaches the world and her work with a rare sincerity. Her words are humbling; her practices are inspiring; and her laugh is infectious. My relationship to my self and my surroundings has deepened in such a beautiful way since we began working together. I am grateful every day to have this magnificent woman in my corner!

— Katie


“Leila has a depth and wisdom beyond her years.  She is a bright light and rising star in the realm of personal growth and empowerment. Before becoming a private coaching client, I followed Leila’s work on social media.  As a 50th birthday present to myself, I signed up to attend a retreat she was leading in Costa Rica for the 2020 New Year. That experience was life altering, the best gift I have ever received, and led to my desire to want to work one on one with Leila. Leila’s coaching has been enormously helpful in my both personal and professional lives. I credit her with helping me become a more centered, empowered, and integrated person and business leader. Everyone needs a Leila in their corner. I am so lucky to have found mine.”

— Mahtab


“Leila has been an incredible guide for me the last 6 months and honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She has so much wisdom to share and such an honest, funny way of speaking... do your soul a favor.

— Alex


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