with Leila Dylla

I believe God calls us all by name.

Calling us in ways that only we can hear, and only WE can respond to in a beautiful way.

We each have the divine pulse of life moving through us, Guiding us, Healing us, Motivating us, Inspiring us…

And when we choose to listen And ALIGN with this pulse, WE awaken our charisma.

We become inspiring Because inspiration ITSELF moves through us.

In this private mentoring container, TOGETHER we create healing and wholeness. We give each part of you a place to be acknowledged, heard, honored, and healed. This is a process of deep excavation that gives you radical permission to OWN who you are this lifetime, and the courage to reclaim your personal POWER.


You, my friend, have been asked to RISE into your fullness, and live your life aligned with truth and incredible LOVE. Within this space, you have me in your corner to help guide you home.


I believe God calls us all by name.
I believe that when we choose to answer the call, our purposeful life finally begins.
We stop living as the victim,
And choices for further empowerment continue to show themselves to us.
We stop falling into the trap of delusional fear,
And we rise in remembrance of what's TRUE and SACRED.


We will explore:

Boundaries, communication, authenticity, your unique creative genius, feminine embodiment,  energetic mastery, magnetism, wealth, spiritual devotion, and awakening your divine purpose. 

Your relationships to trusting yourself, trusting others, and trusting life, and begin engaging with the Divine on a daily basis. You will unlock the abundance codes that lie within your BEING and begin magnetizing the people and situations that are truly meant for you. I will support you in shifting ALL relationships in your life into ones of meaning and depth and guide you to relate to others in a receptive and magical way. 

The transformational practice of breathwork, sensual embodiment, and consistent private mentoring calls to catalyze your awakening experience. These combined create an alchemical reaction of deep inner knowing, release, inspiration, and revelation. 

You will live wildly, fully, and purposefully. You will be a leader of love, of grace, and of the new paradigm. 


I believe that God calls us all by name,
And that in our choice to answer this call, we become capable of loving, and leading our world through the threshold of evolution we stand on, and into a New Way of life.



3-month container

9 Private Coaching Calls


3 Sacred Breathwork sessions.

* Coaching sessions are 50 Minutes. 

*Breathwork sessions are 90 Minutes.

PRICE: 5555

or  3 Payments of $2000


6-month container

18 Private Coaching Sessions


6 Sacred Breathwork Sessions 

* Coaching sessions are 50 Minutes.

* Breathwork sessions are 90 Minutes. 

PRICE: $9999

or  3 Payments of $3500


I can't fit into one paragraph or even one page the ways that Leila has helped me. She has served as my coach and mentor, my hype woman, my confidant, and my friend. She approaches the world and her work with a rare sincerity. Her words are humbling; her practices are inspiring; and her laugh is infectious. My relationship to my self and my surroundings has deepened in such a beautiful way since we began working together. I am grateful every day to have this magnificent woman in my corner!

— Katie


“Leila has a depth and wisdom beyond her years.  She is a bright light and rising star in the realm of personal growth and empowerment. Before becoming a private coaching client, I followed Leila’s work on social media.  As a 50th birthday present to myself, I signed up to attend a retreat she was leading in Costa Rica for the 2020 New Year. That experience was life altering, the best gift I have ever received, and led to my desire to want to work one on one with Leila. Leila’s coaching has been enormously helpful in my both personal and professional lives. I credit her with helping me become a more centered, empowered, and integrated person and business leader. Everyone needs a Leila in their corner. I am so lucky to have found mine.”

— Mahtab


“Leila has been an incredible guide for me the last 6 months and honestly don't know where I'd be without her. She has so much wisdom to share and such an honest, funny way of speaking... do your soul a favor.

— Alex