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- RISE -

A self mastery group for Women

Clear, Align, & Rise



( 9 month Mentorship & Master Mind Group for Women )


A group of powerful, soulful and soul led women paving the way for a new world.

As we connect, we lock arms and lift each other up.

As we clear, we break down the old narratives of fear, unworthiness and shrinking.

As we shine, we light the way for all.

As we align with our higher selves, we integrate deeper wisdom, freedom and clarity.

As we heal, our creativity explodes and our clarity is crisp.

As we remember our truth, we expand into limitless potential.

As we tap into (the galactic heartbeat, Source Energy) our abundance and wealth skyrocket.


This sacred group is divinely designed for the woman who is ready for unapologetic growth. 

We help YOU explore and expand YOUR gifts and vision. Rebuilding from foundation up.

WHO is this course for?

This is for YOU. The one that has this deep feeling in her bones that she’s here to make a difference. You are so ready to drop the masks, the fears, the illusions and finally SEE your deepest most glorious truth. Although it kind of scares you, it’s almost like you cannot resist the pull to serve and shine on a higher level. 


This is for YOU. The soul that is ready for the most massive transformation you’ve had yet. To clear the chatter that holds you back from what you innately know...that you have a personal mission of your own unique love, power and stories to share.


This is for YOU. The woman that is done playing small. Sick of shrinking and hiding. Instead, you're ready to lock arms with some of the most beautiful, loving, soul led humans to make a massive global impact with integrity and love.


This is for YOU. The gorgeous being of light you are that’s ready to know who she really is on a soul level, and why you are here. To find that fulfillment. To feel the deepest joy down to your cells. To have intense clarity, balance and knowingness.


This is for YOU. The mom, daughter, sister, friend that is ready to break generational cycles, outdated programming and self limiting beliefs. The woman that is ready to make a huge impact and create wealth and abundance doing so. To pave the way for for all of us to live soul and heart-led and allow wealth, money, joy, love to come to us.


This is for YOU.



Leila Dylla

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Leila has been a yoga teacher and spiritual guide for almost 10 years. She is passionately focused on the generational & feminine healing of the visionary women of the New Earth. She is a trauma informed lifestyle coach, and has been deeply inspired by the Vedic Yoga philosophy during her pilgramies & training in India. She sees the world through the lens of sacred ritual, and remembrance of the love that lies within all things. Her personal style of teaching is heavily influenced by the work of Caroline Myss, and leans on the energetic anatomy of the human spirit. Leila believes in brilliance that you already ARE, and is committed to guiding all that are ready, back to their Source in a light hearted and joyous way.


Gretchen Stewart

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Gretchen is a powerful healer that has the ability to identify and clear the energetic root of fears, pain, unworthiness, limiting beliefs, dis-ease and internal blockages to name a few. She uses a healing modality called alchemy that transmutes low frequencies into high frequency photon bands of light. Her greatest gift and purpose, is seeing YOU in your truth and helping you become the fullest expression of you.  When you work with her,  you receive incredible amounts of healing light into your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Gretchen’s work is all soul led (with full support from her core angelic healing team and Source). The root of Gretchen’s work is helping you remember your innate power and returning to the One Love we all share together.




January -  March


In the first phase of our self mastery group we will be identifying our blockages, self limiting beliefs, outdated programs and doing deep trauma work. We’ll get to the root of patterns and beliefs that held us back from fully embodying our truth. In this transformative phase we’ll be clearing and releasing generational trauma, past life frames and literally restructuring on a cellular level. We'll learn how to get back into your body, feel safe and learn emotional navigation. Between Leila’s trauma informed coaching and Gretchen’s ability to see, clear and heal on an energetic and molecular way, this first three months will be incredibly life changing. We’ll clear and heal fear, shame, guilt, old habits and limits to align you to your highest truth which is love, expansion, wisdom, joy, creativity and all the things that make you uniquely and beautifully YOU.


We will focus on the first 3 chakras as our foundational work in releasing any heavy, and limited belief held in the body. In Leila’s trauma work she has found that this framework creates safety, inner reference points, and clarity when rewiring initial imprints. Since trauma is heavily accrued in the lower centers and ripples upward and out.. We will go directly to the root, rewrite, then continue to heal, release and expand.

With Gretchen’s work, she can also see energetically other areas that need to be healed in all 4 etheric bodies (physical, mental, emotional and astral) as well all chakras, auric layers, bodily systems that hold low frequencies, blockages, energetic leaks etc. So while we will focus on the first three chakras, we will not be limited to that and you’ll receive healing everywhere. The best of both worlds!


The first three months will be incredibly releasing. You’ll be held in this very high frequency and healing container with access to our WhatsApp group to reach out to each other and have access to Gretchen and Leila. This is a very sacred and safe space that will get healings and blessings daily


April - June


The second phase of your transformation will be the elevation phase. With deep remembrance of our sacred value, we’ll be clearing and healing the unworthiness that holds us back. During this time you’ll start to remember the truth of who you are and why you are here on a deeper level than ever before. You’ll be integrating the changes and transformation and learning to embody the truth of who you are. 


We’ll learn how to set boundaries that protect your energetic field, honor your worth, and help you thrive in a healthy and powerful way. Understanding deeply what thoughts, choices, and actions are in alignment with your Soul. 


Leila will help you remember your body's wisdom, your heart's deepest desire, and your unique inclination towards joy, and creativity. Through sacred ritual, honoring your inner child, and reclaiming parts of your story, you will remember the divine responsibility of honoring your Soul’s worth every single moment of your life. In this remembrance, you will awaken to the wisdom that lies within you. 


And Gretchen will be assisting in clearing your divine channels of communication so that you have a deeper access to your higher self’s wisdom and knowingness. You’ll learn how to take direction from your truth. Everything is rooted in energy and frequency, so Gretchen will be healing, clearing and creating new designs of light to support you in all areas of your life. Alchemy is the sacred art and science of transmuting low frequencies (that we all hold as a part of the human experience) into high frequency light in the form of constructs, designs, new blueprints, crystal activations and so much more. In this phase, the healing light you can hold will skyrocket.


The second phase of our journey will be validating, and stabilizing. We will be building the foundation on which you can confidently craft the visions of your wildest dreams. We will be holding you every step of the way. 


July - September


The last phase of this self mastery group is the most exciting! Here we’ll integrate everything from the previous 6 months. You’ll learn how to trust the information that you receive from your highest Self. You will have the clarity, worthiness, and knowingness you need to feel raptured by your own inner vision… READY to birth it into the world. You will understand how to regulate yourself, how to listen fully, and how to express your truth brilliantly into the fullest and rise up to the fullest expression of yourself!


In this phase of your transformation you’ll be integrating the wisdom, training, healing and cellular changes you’ve experienced on all levels. You’ll be preparing to be the fullest expression of yourself and the deep worthiness work we embarked on will give you the freedom to share your light with the world. You will literally RISE UP as you braid your higher self into your “small self” aka ego aka personality. The marriage of the two will be a divine unfolding. YOUR divine unfolding. This gives Gretchen and Leila chills btw!! Your frequency will be massively rising as well as your consciousness.

*And spoiler alert, these integrations will last a lifetime and continue to bless you as the trajectory of your life shifts and you reach higher and higher. 


  • 2 Live 90 minute coaching calls per month ( first and third Tuesday or every month )

  • Whatsapp group connection and support

  • 9 Monthly focal points & intentions

  • Course work, mantras, reflective journaling guidance

  • Alchemy healing

  • 3 Deep Dive call with Gretchen and Leila throughout the course to find clarity, and solidify your Vision.

  • Complimentary memberships to Soul Spa and Leila’s Wise Woman Rising Patreon community with over 20 hours of recorded video and audio content.


$1111 / Month


$9000 ( paid in full )

* Only 12 spots available *

are you READY to CLEAR, ALIGN, & RISE?





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