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Ever wondered what yoga teachers, healers, lightworkers, coaches and therapists mean when they talk about the divine, source, energy or soul? With this wild trauma-informed coach, facilitator and yoga teacher, we unpack and navigate the invisible work of the divine.

The Amber Hawken Podcast

w/ the remarkable Amber Hawken

101 of energy, vibration, and transformation.

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Making kindness cool and the world better than yesterday, join us for conversations that shift perspectives towards a more conscious and compassionate collective.

Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast

w/ Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

What if you wake up tomorrow only with...


You do not want to miss this UNcivilized UNplugged podcast episode, with host and badass warrior Traver Bohem. Leila and Traver dive deep into all of the things but, most importantly, how to dive into the deep unknown. 

UNcivilized UNplugged Podcast

w/ Traver Bohem

How to stop playing small.

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On this first rebranded Minding Wellness podcast episode, I talk to Leila Dylla, a yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, astrologer, ordained minister, and private chef! There's not much this amazing woman can't do! In this episode, we talk about the journey from being on the mainstream college degree track to finding a deeper level of awareness of purpose and passion. Leila shares how she broke down before she broke through and how she now helps others create the space they need to do the same.

Minding Wellness Podcast

Creating Space with Leila Dylla

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On Episode 3, Leila Dylla—#ShesKindOfABigDylla—shares how she moved to living a purposeful, fulfilled life and how’s she helping others to do the same. Authentically herself, she reminds us that it's okay to be human, even in our spiritual practice; cursing and chanting aren’t mutually exclusive. She opens her heart about the importance of self-care, truth, and having fun.

Beyond Asana Podcast

Overcoming BS to Find Love and Truth,

with Leila Dylla