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- Steamboat, CO -

September 16th - 21st , 2021



Have you ever found yourself staring into your refrigerator just hoping that somehow, some way, there it will be? That one thing you’re so deeply craving but somehow have overlooked as it stares up at you from behind the three day old chicken piccata.


We’ll raise our hands too, we’re guilty of this as well.


And yet, that same gnawing sense of dissatisfaction is now the NORM in almost all relationships, romantic or otherwise.


If we learned anything from 2020 it was definitely this:


There simply is nothing more nourishing and healing than deep connection with ourselves and our loved ones.


So many people, just like you are CRAVING a relationship steeped in consciousness. One actively fostering and facilitating growth, play, and ecstasy.

Stop trying to survive on:


  • Boring surface level connection

  • Being stonewalled, gaslit, and ignored by your “partner”

  • Infrequent and uninspired sex

  • Apathetic thoughts and conversations

  • Social Media as your means of connection


Trust us we get it. We’ve both been in relationships like this. And we’ve taught hundreds of people, just like you how to end your relationship with shitty relationships.

If this resonates with you, we would love to have you join us September 16-21st, 2021 in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO. 


ELEVATE is a retreat style immersion focused around conscious relating, how to find and create a conscious relationship whether you’re in a relationship or not. 


We will take you through processes of self exposure and rewiring so that you have the skill set to regulate your nervous system, TRUST YOURSELF, align with love, and speak your truth with confidence and poise. 


We will explore masculine and feminine dynamics, and how to flow between the two in an empowered way. We will identify our truths, and practice communicating them clearly. We will dive deep into boundaries, pleasure, intuition, and God. 




You will leave this retreat with an embodied understanding of deep connection to yourself, others, and your creator.


You will leave knowing your worth, remembering your truth, and honoring your personal relationship vision.


You will leave feeling connected, whole, and loved.

FIRST time on a retreat?

Don't worry, these things are incredible. 

You can come alone, with a friend, or with your partner. We can accommodate anyone whos interested in taking some time for themselves. Away from the stress, monotony, and phabitual nature of our day to day. 

Retreats are AMAZING resets for our systems. 

During this week together, your only job will be to show up honestly, and authentically. We literally do everything else. 

We have the days planned out for you, the meals prepared by a bomb ass chef, and even a few excursions so you can immerse yourself in the rocky mountain's magic.

And, speaking of magic, we will be hiking Fish Creek Falls and taking a stunning night time soak at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs!

A retreat gives you a chance to let go of all the TO DOS, and just focus in on yourself, your needs, and your desires. Actually sliding the “back burner” things to the front for a few days.

We will create a SUPER Safe, and Sacred space for you to lay your guard down, and explore who you are underneath all the conditioning, opinions, dysregulation, and stress that our world is constantly handing us. 

Not only will we create this space for you, but you will be stepping into this space with 12 others like minded, and open hearted humans who are also searching for the same Wellspring of happiness. 

We promise you, you will leave with new friends, a soul filled tank, and the tools to continue moving through the world integrated and present after you leave.


Included in your Retreat Price:

  • 5 night stay at the Mountain Chalet 

  • 6 full days of personal growth, expansion and revelation 

  • 3 plant based / paleo meals per day prepare by a gourmet chef

  • Morning guided meditations and Dharma talks

  • Daily movement lead by Leila OR Traver

  • Mens specific work with Traver

  • Women's Specific work with Leila 

  • Swag bag of shit we think is cool 

  • Morning hike at Fish creek falls 

  • Evening at Strawberry park hot springs 

  • All the coffee and cacao you can drink throughout the day