8 Week re-source



JANUARY 25th - MARCH 15th

During these 8 weeks we will journey through the inner workings of what it means to be an empowered human being, and a fully expressed woman.

This is a course designed to help guide women through a journey of Self-discovery, applied Self-Care, and Realignment.


*No experience necessary.  


This Re-Source is for YOU to explore yourself in a new way, to understand more deeply, and to really get clear on what's important for you. We all know that life can be a fucking doozy, and it can easily overwhelming when we are not filled from the inside out. Our time together will help you cultivate the power to move away from the shit that makes you weak, and prioritize the things that build strength, radiance, and peace. Who doesn't need more of that?

My intention is to hold space for you to get clear on where your energy is, to refine that expenditure, and to focus your gaze into what's really freaking important. Your health, your inner peace, your joy, your passion, your creativity, LOVE, PRESENCE, CONNECTION.


Let's slow down together, dive in, and resource ourselves with the brilliant life energy that is sitting just beyond our reach most of the time!


It's right there baby,

lets tap into it together. 

We will explore realignment practices such as :

  • Sobriety 

  • Movement and trauma informed integrative practices

  • Mindset, meditation, and self reflection

  • Daily routine, ritual, and sleep patterns

  • Nutrition basics, and a toxic free lifestyle

  • Home organization, and cleanliness 

  • Self Love, Self care, and Self compassion

  • Integrity, truth telling, and the power of choice. 

  • Emotional intelligence 

  • Time management & boundary setting

  • Self esteem, confidence, and expression

  • Energy dynamics- subtle energy body

  • Intuition, and the Head and Heart connection

  • Purpose & Play

  • The soul & God


  • This 8 Week Re-Source is an online sacred space for women seeking nourishment, inner awakening, and integration.

  • Within this space, I host a series of 8 exclusive group coaching sessions and provides additional resources for guidance. 

  • All classes take place via my private Zoom classroom, on Monday nights at 7-8:30pm EST. 

  • You will receive a Healthy Start Essential Oil Kit, and membership from doTERRA to support your Self-Care journey for the new year... ($160 value)

  • Weekly guided meditations & curated playlist for supplemental support. 

*Each session will be recorded for those who cannot make the meeting live.*




January 25th

February 1st

February 8th

February 15th

February 22nd

March 1st

March 8th

March 15th  

During our time together,  you will also have access to the group as a whole (via Whatsapp) to share inspiration, insight, and vulnerabilities in a safe container. You will also be paired with a like minded soul sister for accountability and connection during our process- we will be making some BIG changes, and it's always nice to know you have someone by your side as you shift things!


* This course will be limited to 14 lovely ladies, who are READY to RISE.


If you would like to CLAIM YOUR SPOT, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION BELOW AND tell me why you would like to join me on this journey of inner exploration.



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